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Over the coming months I hope to amass a large and (hopefully) well organized collection of images of the classic legends, some familiar and some less known. The goal is to make a nice database of images that might not already be online and create a place to easily view them. If anyone has any resources or ideas, please share; otherwise stay tuned for something that could be pretty nifty.


Always Almost Sunny


The long romance with spring and summer is gone, but somehow it has managed to be overly sunny and warm this fall. It's not yet that time to start thinking about white blankets covering every inch of the road, but soon it will come, along with that nasty thick, salty sand. Doesn't it make your ears sing at the thought of all that grinding in your drivetrain? It almost makes me want to sit inside and watch Home Alone back-to-back instead.

Posted on November 3, 2009 and filed under Rides.

Matuz Master


It can be a fairly daunting task when trying to find vintage lightweight parts for a project. There are places like Velo Orange that carry wonderful parts for Porteur style cruisers and of course Rivendell Bicycle Works that carries some great touring parts and great little odds and ends that are hard to find anywhere else. However there really is not a great source for vintage lightweight parts. You can certainly scour Ebay like a mad man, but I am sure some people would prefer something else, and this could be a good answer, if you live in Hungary.

Check out Matuz Master and their nice collection of vintage and modern parts.

Posted on October 11, 2009 and filed under Bicycles, Components.

Harriman State Park Loop

Harriman State Park Loop

This past weekend myself and mi amigo Alexander made a loop through Harriman, just south of Bear Mountain. I have been frequenting Bear Mountain but mainly along 9W, and this was a nice change. For 130 miles we made our way up through Jersey, through the park and back home to Brooklyn.

Posted on September 14, 2009 and filed under Rides, Uncategorized.