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Disraeli Gears


This weekend I stumbled across a wonderful site cataloging derailleurs over the years. Supposedly only half done it showcases some amazing exotics alongside some that are a bit more common, and all photographed and presented very nicely. The creator has this to say:

"I have tried to include the good and the bad, the worn and the new, the exotic and the commonplace. Most of all I have tried to use a dry collection to tell some stories. People, both consumers and producers, are often passionate about bicycles, and the story of the derailleur has its share of drama and tragedy."

Certainly the derailleur is one of the most abused parts on a bike and unwillingly has to become a workhorse like no other. I am pretty excited to see the collection finished in all its glory, determination and a little extra time can be a beautiful thing. Plus who can't dig on a site named after the great album from Mr. Bruce, Baker and Clapton, which was named after an inside joke between Clapton and Baker when their roadie Mick Turner commented on a conversation they had about Clapton getting a race bike. Turner had said "it's got them Disraeli Gears", meaning to say "derailleur gears," but instead referring to 19th Century British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli; weird connections, but what a great album.

Have a peek around Disraeli Gears.