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Cervélo Test Team

Cervélo Test Team - Beyond the Peloton

When I first saw these I was quite happy; a kid in a candy store with glowing eyes fixed on that wonderous Wonka bar. In actuality I was just glad someone had documented the beginnings of a small team struggling through rough waters. Hearing that the Cervélo Test Team was the only team in a very long time to be fully sponsored and closely knit with an actual bicycle manufacturer (and not a bank) only got me that much more excited. This is the team I had been waiting to follow, especially when Sastre announced he would be part of it and with a string of amazing riders it seems like what first was a story of underdogs, became something great.

Check out every episode of Beyond the Peloton, all of them are good.

Posted on September 22, 2009 and filed under Racing.