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Bertelli - Biciclette Assemblate

Quite beautiful bicycles assembled carefully one at a time, by Francesco over at Bertelli. Based in NYC, you can buy what he currently has for sale or work with him and build your dream ride, as Francesco states, "every bike is a design project, it is not just buying a bike." For those that are in need of a beautiful ride and do not have the knowledge (or tools) to build it up, send him a line:


Posted on October 5, 2009 and filed under Bicycles.

Brooks B57 Swallow

Brooks B57 Swallow (circa 1950)

 About two years ago I picked up this saddle in hopes of cleaning it up and a little leather wax and some polishing went a long way. Last season it saw some miles then I put it out of commission, in hopes of it magically repairing itself. This model was Brooks way of lightening up their line in the early 50’s, aluminum backplate and stainless rails, finished with beautiful side stitching.

Recently Brooks has re-launched their site and added some beautiful pieces to their collection.

Posted on September 20, 2009 and filed under Components.