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Coors Classic

The Coors International Bicycles Classic was a series that ran only from 1979-1988 but if you look around you can find some pretty great imagery from some of the stages. The first shot is from encouragement on flickr who has some very nice images, the others come from random clippings from books.

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Watching old cycling films gives one of the greatest feelings of nostalgia, not necessarily because I was there, but because I want to have been there. Day dreaming about days when men wore only wool and had to change gears one handed has become a regular past time. CrossTube, mostly devoted to cyclocross throughout the world, has some wonderful shorts showcasing some of the greats on the road.

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Over the coming months I hope to amass a large and (hopefully) well organized collection of images of the classic legends, some familiar and some less known. The goal is to make a nice database of images that might not already be online and create a place to easily view them. If anyone has any resources or ideas, please share; otherwise stay tuned for something that could be pretty nifty.